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Take full control of your phone with SuperSU. The app will allow you to have access rights for the advanced management section of your device.

Have you ever wanted to have control to all basic and advanced user access functionalities of your phone? Have you ever been denied the use of a specific application by your phone access manager? All of this has been made much simpler and easier with SuperSU application, this app will allow you to have access rights for the advanced management section of your device.

SuperSU program

SuperSU Overview

SuperSu was designed and developed by Chainfire who is known to offer advanced android tool development applications. Installation of this application will replace the Superuser in your device, it will not uninstall it nor break it. This is because the two applications cannot run simultaneously, one has to stay inactive since each one of them needs to run through a daemon known as Su binary.

For this app to be installed in a device, the device requires to be rooted. The app can help counter various problems with other Superuser access management tools. SuperSU has the capability to manage and control access rights to operations within the system level. An interesting alternative to SuperSU is Lucky Patcher



Access to Root only android applications

An application that requires root access cannot run on regular devices. SuperSU provides more features and more special applications can be run on rooted devices. Such applications include Link2SD.

Enables you to free internal storage

Limited memory is one of the major problems with low-end android devices. With superSU, you can free the internal memory by transferring applications to external memory. This can also be done by uninstalling inbuilt applications which would have otherwise been impossible.

Ability to run custom ROMs

These custom ROMs are optimized in performance and are updated more often than those of the phone’s manufacturer.

Increased battery life

Battery life is unarguably one of the major problems facing smart phone users. SuperSU will relief you of this as you can manage all application, determine whether to leave them running or stop. Unwanted application often ends up using more than half of your battery.


Lose of Warranty

Once a phone is rooted, the warranty associated with is rendered useless. In the case of software or hardware damage before the elapse of warranty duration, the company to which the phone was bought from will charge for repairs. It is important to note that most changes made by SuperSU are irreversible.

Risk of device getting bricked

Successful use of SuperSU requires proper understanding of its installation instructions. Missing any step may lead to bricking your device. This can also happen if corrupted files are flushed in.

Users may end up deleting some very important files in their systems and this may lead to overall program failure. It is good to get informed of the risks involved before using SuperSU. It is wise to proceed with moderation, even if you have the expertise. You should ask your phone’s manufacturer whether your device is fitted with MediaTek chipset, which prevents devices from bricking while beeing rooted.


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